There is hardly any other feeling that comes close to flying than gliding down mountain ridge slopes. Waves of cotton­soft snow. Slick and unbelievably smooth. Here in the powder paradise ski area of Arlberg you get to draw your own lines in the freshest powder that the Alps have ever seen. It is not without reason that St. Anton is one of the best free­riding paradises in Austria. 

Here, there are 200 kilometres waiting to transform your dream of powder snow into radiant free­riding joy.

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Freedom in the new definition of happiness.

Snap your skis or your snowboard to your feet – let yourself be transported in comfort up to the summit and to Alpine free­riding joy in the heart of the Austrian Alps – in a realm of unbelievable mountain summits in the backdrop on the radiant blue zenith of Arlberg winter sport. 

You will find the best equipment for your date with an unlimited feeling of freedom in one of the countless ski hire areas and sports shops on the Arlberg. Right at the ski area – and right in your special hotel in St. Anton: the Andino. A hotspot for freeriders and powder enthusiasts who are only satisfied with the best. Discover the powder in the ski area on the Arlberg. No limits. No barriers and all at your own pace.